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Malantrinus were a humanoid species. They originated from the planet Moleister


The Malantrinu species were originated from planet Moleister, a moderate terrestrial world in Katar sector.

In 9000 BBM the Malantrinu expanded from Moleister, however no one knows that they are agressive after 1000 years galactic was horrified by Malantrinu which destroyed many cities in many planets of the galaxy which exports Mandarini. Many of them was banned in every space sector of the Federation.

In 5000 BBM Galactic Federation of Sovereign Governments was started war with Malantrinu species. They decreased their presence in the galaxy and threw their remnants back into their homeworld Moleister. Malantrinu were degraded

In 1000 BBM very few of them was alive, something about 1,000,000 individuals. Malantrinus were shattered in two kingdoms: Gauricio, which were for inbreedig with Human species, because they are lost health; and Mulielo, which were for opposite. But in 35 BBM prince of Mulielo Kingdom Mulm'aurizion'eielo was expelled from kingdom because he violated the rules. He was merried with human individual Jimi Hendrix and begot her a son Wal Ter. He left the planet.

Battle of Moleister[]

In 0 BBM son of Maurizione Mulielo and Jimi Hendrix, Wal Ter Mulielo united remnants of Malantrinu and started war with Berlusconi