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Kaledonec, also known as Geronimo, was a human male veteran general who served Quala Military Forces during Che'kataar War, rebel on Pazz'tar


Che'kataar War[]

In 2 BBM Geronimo was sent to Che'kataar IV to fight with Clan Mulielo for rare resources. Many of his soldiers were captured and trasported to the prison planet Kirakira by Mulielo.

However things changed for Geronimo after his squad received order regarding Battle for Che'kataar IV. Geronimo mutined, because he knows that order was mistake, and punched the Marshall Verell in the face, knocking him out, and then proceeded to lead the squad into battle.


Rebel on Pazz'tar[]

Imprisonment on Kirakira[]

Escape from Kirakira[]